Wednesday, June 30, 2010

T Minus 3 days

3 days until my first 5K. I hope it will be my first and not my last, if it is enjoyable, I'd like to do more this summer. I get a little nervous thinking about it, but I think I am ready to go. Two nights ago, I neglected to blog after my run, it was a long night of exercise. I ran the first leg for 28 minutes no stopping, and that was close to 5K. I ran again after walking for a while (Becky came with me again) for another 26 minutes. It's really amazing this transition that is happening. Once I get past the first 5-10 minute mark I feel like I could just keep running, very Forrest Gump of me, but I stopped after the SECOND 26 minute run and was like, hmm, I should have just kept going, I felt FINE. Didn't bend over in pain, didn't scream in exhaustion, just stopped running, stood there and looked around. Now, my right knee and thigh feel destroyed, so I iced them down again and I'm just going to work through it, the "injury" hurts for the first 3-4 minutes, but then it subsides during my run. I'm taking a regular regimen of 2 aleve before the run and then something after the run (before I go to bed).

I might have mentioned that since I started running, over 3 weeks ago now, I haven't been sleeping, my limbs and my body ache all over and I just can't get rested. So I have had to start taking some tylenol or advil to get me rested ready for sleep. I don't like to do that a lot, but as I get ready to race for the first time I feel I need to try to get sufficient and rested sleep.

Today is Wednesday and I run tonight, Andrea and I are going to check out the actual chase trail if we can and run or walk it, I like a familiar trail much better, then I can focus on an end point and push myself. Considering I ran over 25 minutes twice in one night, I really think I can run the 5K without stopping. I hope I can do that, I have a mental plan ready for that day, I just hope my adrenaline doesn't get the better of me.

I can't believe that in 3 short weeks I am running over 25 minutes without stopping, perhaps after this weekend (or maybe even tonight) I can write that I run 5K without stopping and then I will start focusing on my time. Post this run I think I will continue to run for a 10K, half marathon or marathon I just don't think I could do, I feel like beyong 10K (which is about 1.25 hours of exercising/running) it gets boring. I'll give anything a shot, but it's not something I'm going to set myself up for!...right now.....

I have lots more to say but am not in a creative writing mood, until later...

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Cooler than me.

The Mike Posner song that's on my miniaturized playlist on Paul's phone while my ipod classic 1st Gen continues to SUCK. It got me through a a new limit for my run. Today's run was completed in under an hour and I ran (according to GPS) 5.5 miles. The personal best part was running the first leg of my circuit for 14 minutes, no stopping, from Trailwood near my house to the end of the town branch trail, all. the. way. to. the. top. BOO. YAH. Turned around at the top and walked for a brief 30 seconds and then ran all the way back, another 13 minutes. BOO. YAH. I can't believe it. The most surprising thing about all this is that I don't feel like total shit and feel, actually, pretty damn good. I ran with Paul's sister tonight, Becky, who like me three weeks ago, hasn't exercised, at all in forever. So she ran 30 second stints as much as she could, while I kicked ass, not hers, but mine. This sounds like an excuse, but it really isn't, I only stopped at the beginning again because I wasn't sure how far behind Becky was. Now, this isn't a comparison between Becky and myself, she is W1D1 of the "program" or whatever you want to call it, so even if she doesn't continue it, that is the level she is at. I could have kept running, but Becky was nice enough to come and along and provide company so I didn't totally want to run around without her. I really believe that I could run this 5K on Saturday under 40 minutes. I am, it seems, a slow runner, or maybe that is stricly classified as "jogging". Whatever, haters, I am exercising, more than I ever have since I quit Irish dancing, so you can suck it. Whatever you classify it as, I classify it as getting off the couch and sweating my arse off thank you very much.

Didn't see any snakes, didn't see any bunnies either.... Mayhaps the bunnies are being digested and the snakes are laying low in the tall grass resting their full bellies. I'm on team bunny, so snakes, whatever the hell you are (black rat snake or copperhead) I am an equal opportunity snake hater and I want to kill you all. I analyzed each and every leaf grouping and stick gathering on my trail though, with anxiety as the cluster approached, closer and closer until I realized it wasn't a snake. I hate snakes, why'd it have to be snakes?

People who meet me and subsequently know that I grew up in Australia cannot believe that I never saw a snake in my home land. NO. I NEVER saw a snake in the wild, like just laying there, not in my backyard, not in the bush, nowhere and I've been out bush, camped and hiked in Australia. I'm sure they were there, but I never saw a snake in the wild until I moved to Kentucky and saw a water moccasin swimming in Lake Herrington. Now that's a sight that makes me wanna jump right in that swampy, tepid human waste lake. The only thing that makes me wanna jump in that lake is 6 beers.

I've seen every single kind of spider possible in Austrailia, all the venomous poisonous, long legged, huge black bodies, red stripedy and fangy arachnids, but a snake, none. God I hate spiders, snakes more though, they seem more squirrely, and could slither away easier than spiders that I could use an atmosphere ozone hating aerosol to dump an entire $3.99 Raid can on. Snakes, I'd need to find a large rock, aim and account for wind, velocity, speed and crush at the right moment. That's seems a little more difficult, so I opt for Spider killing instead, all snakes, please keep to yourself, don't present me with a need to find a large cinder block.

I run on Saturday, my first 5K ever. I hope to run that in 40 minutes or less. I hope that I run for 15-20 minutes, then I'll stop for 1:30, then I'd like to think that I would run the entire rest of the way before getting to the finish. That is my goal. Today is Sunday, I will run Monday Wednesday and Thursday or T,W,R. I'll walk on Friday, eat pasta salad for an early dinner and the plan is to get up Saturday at 6:30 am, eat a Special K breakfast bar, pack plenty of water and head out from the house at 7:15 am for my 8am race. It's not a race to me and I am not competing with anyone, not even myself, I have a time goal, because I now know I can run this thing, just a time goal and a goal to just do it. Ahh Nike, what a great marketing slogan, probably not as catchy as the one Paul came up with, which I will get make into a t-shirt - "stop sucking." I love it.

Tomorrow is work, but only for 3 days, then it's the 4th of July long weekend, I love it, I can make it through three days...surely... :)

Along the trail....

I'll start this blog in reverse order, though I shouldnb't have said anything, I should have just performed my Quentin Tarantino story telling and let you figured it out. Since I believe I am not half as talented as that man, I figured I ought to let you know what is going on.

Returned home from a very vigorous walk with Joseph, this kid can run! He ran for 1/4 - 1/2 mile consistently, and not just jogged, ran! I couldnt' believe it. We took the stroller and he got up and run, while I raced behind witha stroller and Dingo, I had to keep up a good pace to stay on track with him! Showed Paul on his Palm Pre a photo of a snake we literally almost stepped on. It didn't really freak me out at the time, the snake was little, but also the coloring looked harmelss, but taking the evidence back home to paul it was frightening to find out that it could be a copperhead. I got Dingo and my child way too close to that thing. Now I didn't go all up close and Steve Irwin this little guy, but I SHOULD have picked up a large rock and smashed him from a distance. I'd rather see 1,000 bunnies I need to get rid of myself, than snakes. Insert Indiana Jones quote here "Snakes.... why'd it have to be snakes... I hate snakes..."

NOW I will know why if I don't see very many bunnies on my trail anymore.

Joseph can also bowl, he LOVED the bowling shoes (pink and yellow, flourscent at that) and he asked if we could take them home. Amm.. bowling shoes don't really go with anything unless you plan on walking around like Charlie Sheen in 2 1/2 men all day and I won't have that. It was for Taylor's 5th birthday party and thankfully at this party Taylor didn't break his arm like he did at Joseph's that Joseph keeps bringing up and can't let go of. Jospeh will remember that forever! He picked up a size 8 ball and carried it all himself and dropped it down the "slide" and got several spares! It was a fun little party. A celebratory strike or "more than 2 pins" dance was customary, think a mixture of Saturday night fever and air guitar.

Previous to that we went for a swim. That was way more of a hassle that it should have been, but I TRIED to do somethng "nice" and as I knew it would, it was just a bad idea. So Joseph and I went to Masterson Station pool. Where is Paul during all this ga;avanting you ask? Well, Paul isn't much for anything that involves being out of the house first of all, second of all he actually had a good excuse for once, he was finishing the hardwood flooring he'd been putting for two weeks. THe pool was awesome, but we obviously don't spend enough time there, Joseph is hesitant in the pool, not scared or fearful, but just hesitant. There are kids there that obviously spend a lifetime there and are swimming going under water, know how to breathe no floaties. And Joseph finally got comfortable using a floating ring. I'll take it, but then once he was ready to be in the pool, he didn't want to leave. I'll have to make sure we spend an entire day at the pool sometime soon.

The day started out nice and late and I didn't realize how hot and humid it was going to get, again, so I went on a run. This is the part I get to talk about an achievement I made. Well, I made several and I am thrilled. So I start the run, gearing up for running 6 minutes, walking 1:30, instead I run, it feels good, so I keep running, then I just keep running until it starts hurting, then I push myself to run until I reach the almost 1 mile mark. Awesome. Ran for 12:30. Wow. Walked 2:30 and ran 8:30, walked for 1:30 ran for 6:30, walked another 1:30 and finished my shortened (4.26) mile run with a 5 minute jaunt at the end. I was saturated in sweat and I know where to draw the line. When I can feel the sun literally cooking my body and the humidity is stuck to my skin, I get all tingly and a cool feeling that means I am probably going to pass out soon and it is time to wrap it up. I thought it was early enough in the morning to try to do a full 10K but I didn't bring water and 10:30am is HOT outside, VERY HOT in the summer. I'll settle for a little over 5K.

According to just math, I did over 5K in 37 minutes. I have tried everything, a pedometer, GPS tracking, stop watches etc.. but I can't ever seem to get a proper full reading on my length of running. This first 5K on Saturday July 3rd will be a good test, but I think I might need to visit the trail before hand, I like to get a good idea of points along the trail so I can push myself to an end point. Or maybe it will be good not knowing when or what the end looks like so I just have to keep running and keep pushing myself!!! More on this first 5K as it looms.....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

The running racial profiler.

So I need a change of scenery today for my run, so I choose the arboretum, the last time I remember being there was in college, post sunlight and post many beers, so I had no idea what kind of running trail I was getting myself into....sober. I'd judge it as a pretty average running trail, plenty of little hills, dips, straights and turns. It killed ME, but I try to judge a course not based on my level, but rather how challenging it should be to the average runner. NOT that I classify myself a runner yet, I have to stick with it for a while, more than a year and consistently practice the sport of running.

So as I run the arboretum at UK, says it is 2.45 in length to run the entire way around and today, as I push myself beyond where I think crazy has come and gone and I run consistently 6 minutes with 1:30 break in between (and I don't just casually walk - I keep walking large strides with arms swinging), 3 times around the arboretum trail. I'm sure I looked like a total spastic, not quite Phoebe from Friends, but rather I'm sure I had a "I'm going to die at any second so if you see that as you pass me and here a "phflump" on the ground, please call 911" look on my face the entire time as well as terrible posture and loud breathing.

As I run/die/walk, rinse and repeat, I profile every single person I pass. It makes the run quite interesting as I listen to Kesha "tik Tok", since I have no idea what that song is about other than it seems this "Kesha" really has no idea what it is really like to party and thinks shes good friends with P Diddy and brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels. Brushing your teeth with anything other than bleach after a hard night of partying will leave you with bad breath, something no one wants to be around including yourself, my dear. I could go on, but I need to get to the point here. So as I think about passing out and giving in to the little black dots I start seeing before my eyes at the 5 minute mark, I pass a group of Asians, looks like a small family, so I bet that at least one of them is a doctor or scientist smart enough to be able to determine my chances of living once I have passed out in front of them from running like an idiot. I bet that the female would be kind and pick up my head and try to wave air in front of me trying to get me to respond, while the "doctor" tries to feel for a pulse, and the scientist just shakes his head as he takes one look at me and realizes I am no runner, but a floppy excuse of an exerciser.

I keep pushing on, knowing that I haven't passed out in front of my caring asian female, the doctor or scientist, I look for another human specimen to determine if they shall be fit to take care of me should I drop dead in front of them. I pass two tall black men (not too shabby) and what appears to be athletic or slightly muscular. I bet that since they have passed me three times on the track I have run through only 2, that one of them, if not both, could pick me up, should I pass out and run me to an area where there are more people to help as one of them calls 911. I bet that they would yell for help should they need more and I bet that due to their brute strength they should be able to get me to a location where I could survive, possibly to the asians, so the doctor can check me out and the scientist can just shake his head.

I pass a number of younger white couples. I determine they are all useless. I pass two older ladies with a very old dog who I assume are lesbians (not the dog, I'm sure she is just a victim of circumstance), who have only in their late years embraced their homosexuality and are bitter for not having done so sooner or not been in an atmosphere or cultural environment where they could have, so they'd much rather enjoy their lesbianism to themselves and not be bothered thank you very much since they have time to make up for and would rather not waste a nice summer evening wondering if some sweaty girl who has obviously pushed herself too far is going to wake up from her running induced coma.

Some white guy with serious love handles (eew pull your pants up or please wear a longer shirt less revealing) and a black t shirt that is torn all the way down to his hips (I mean it is seriously a glorified large mens bib) runs really fast pass me, but then I look further down the trail to see he has slowed down, though I don't doubt his enthusiasm (he like many have passed me twice) he is obviously running a lot for show as well. I am running, just not to die whilst doing so. He will be useless to me also as he is so self consumed with showing off, I'm sure at the several pretty blonde chicks I've seen, I doubt he would notice my limp body on the ground and since I'm not blonde, I'm shit outta luck.

I wrap this up with a scattered Pakistani or Middle Eastern kind of people, most of which are NOT dressed to be exercising, and have, surprise surprise, a book in their hands while walking, or are just using the benches to sit. I bet that if I collapse around one of those benches I would get helped by the physicist, but would be shockingly awoken from my near death experience and be yanked back from the light like a bullet out of a barrell from a certain, shall we say, body aroma.

I see one girl that looks a little heavier than me, but is much prettier and blonder and her and I pass at equal intervals on the course the three times we run around. I know she'd stop if she saw my body lying limp and she'd probably enlist her community college nurse training like she'd always hoped she would and save the day. The third time we pass, I look like washed up shit on a BP oil slick beach and she looks the same as the first time I passed her. Bitch.

Even with my most recent brush with people as a bad experience (the cell phone theft incident - I will blog about some day just not today) I still think good in mostly everyone I see. I don't judge harshly, but I do enjoy trying to read a book by it's cover, it often saves time, and hell, if I'm wrong it's a pleasant surprise!

I ran for 1:13:26 today and I feel like total and utter craptastic shaky blubber. 6 minutes on 1:30 off, consistently, I did accidentally walk for about 2 minutes at one point, but half way through my run I actually ran 8 minutes without realizing, that was cool. SOOOOOOOO I ran for over an hour and I feel like I ran my maximum today. 10K +7.35 miles which is 11.8286 kilometers. This is where I draw the line, this is where I stop. This is where I do this or less and push to run harder faster for longer and get my time down. PHEW. It sucks, I am taking Friday off from running and taking in a ball game instead. My pelvis hurts, my legs hurt and my knees are screaming at my feet "Why did you let her do this! next time hide the running shoes" Feet: "don't blame us, you are closer to her head, and obviously it was in her ass since she ran so obscenely long today". I'm a running racial profiler and I imagine that my feet have conversations with my knees and other body parts to try to talk myself out of running like a crazy person.

I need another hobby.

Rebecca 1; Bunnies 0

So last night's run was the first time that I had to muster up the motivation to go, then on the run had to the entire time continue to motivate myself. I find the first leg of the run particularly hard and a little boring now, so perhaps a change in running scenery to get me up and going again?

This was also the very first run that I did move up a step in my plan I maintained my effort from Monday night, which was to run for 5 minutes, walk for 1:30 and so on for 5.62 miles. I thought if I maintained that, then maybe to push myself I'd add on the extra mile to make it to 10K... not so. Just couldn't get there mentally last night, I still enjoyed the run, but not as much as I had been previously, because previously I had been making leaps and great strides, pushing harder and better and longer EACH DAY. Now my progress has slowed, I think a natural part of my training, but it is mentally tough. I can't blog about how I ran so much more in time, or ran so much farther than before, that is disappointing, but I should focus on how far I've come, so quickly.

I think what I would like to do is really push to run that 6.26 miles to make it 10K, not run the whole way, but just last that long. Use my 5 minutes running 1:30 walking and add on that extra mile. I really think I can do it, I'm just not that excited about it this time around. Then once that I have done that, I really need to concentrate on training just for a 5K, I feel like knowing I can complete 10K in one session, that will be a big achievement for me so that 5K won't seem so ominous.

I run across more and more bunnies each time I run the trail behind my neighborhood, hence the title. Yesterday it was like 7 bunnies, they are multiplying, like, well, bunnies!! If I wasn't so focused on not dying or crunching my knees due to the sheer weight of my huge ass running on them, I might stop to admire those docile bunnies and their fluffy white tails, but if they continue to run across my path, my knees won't be the only thing I crush.

Tonight my strategy is to have my ipod fully charged, Paul's Palm Pre ready to go measuring my total distance and to go to the Arboretum and complete the 2.45 total distance of the track 2.5 times. I'm kinda ok with doing 5 minutes running, but maybe I should do 6 minutes running, 1:30 walking. Try to move up one minute every two days. Slow progression has helped me a lot and I think that has also helped with me being able to feel like I have made large accomplishments and made strides in my training.

I do want to mention that though I was consistent from Monday night to Wednesday night training and for the the first time "didn't add anything" I did, actually run 6:30 twice with a 1:30 walk in between, i simply HAD to bargain with myself, that horrendous hill at the top of town branch I still cannot bring myself to run up, so I promised myself that I would run to near half way up, beyond my 5 minute mark and then let myself finish to the top by walking, but the deal was I still had to push myself. It worked...

That's how i push myself, I eyeball an end point, then I bargain with myself as I get closer and closer to push the end point farther and farther. That's how I added on the extra mile, running that 1/2 mile back to walk home is easy, mentally, I've just GOT to stay motivated. I am using the hell out of my ipod pop running playlist and vanilla ice with some britney spears and young mc is getting a little old over and over. Time to get me some new music to run to! That's next.

I have officially sent in mine (and Andrea's) application for the 5K Great Buffalo Chase at Buffalo Trace. looks like a fun first 5K, I'm excited, my strategy to get myself extra excited about it, I have promised to buy myself that cute purple exercise top at Target and a new pair of exercise pants that go just below the knee. If I keep running like this, I will need to purchase a new pair of shoes, those really make all the difference!

I am also thrilled that Andrea is running too, now, we don't need to take over the running world, but having someone who just also knows the difficulty, the challenges, is very comforting and motivating. For the first time, I really don't feel competitive with Andrea (maybe I have just grown up), also that came out bad, I don't feel competitive with a friend for the first time. ANYONE I would always get competitive with and this time, it's really about a goal and enjoying that goal and the fact that I get to do that and enjoy it with a great friend is just gravy. Not kicking someone's ass.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Run, therefore, I Blog.

Blog when I run, run when I blog, so if I can keep one of them up, I can keep both of them up and stick to something, then if I don't I don't achieve two things at once. hmmmpf.
I am blogging BEFORE I run tonight though, my knee hurts slightly ( I think I may have to give up my insane high heels before long) to protect the longevity of my knee and running.
I will try to just do the 5 mins run and 1:30 walk tonight for the total of 6.26 miles. I wasn't intending to train for a 10K, but it seems quite easy, at this point. Once I feel like I can run for 8-10 minutes I will alternate between running a 5K as fast as I can, then work on endurance for a 10K, so my goal is to run a 5K before July 3rd, but in my training also finish a total length of 10K (run/walk or as long running as I can).
Took Joseph to see Toy Story 3 today, Pixar did a great job, lots of fun and some adult messages in tehre, (don't read on if you haven't seen it) but there is a scene where they toys look like it's the end for them in a firey inferno and they all calmy look at each other and grab each other's hands one by one and knowingly look into what will be their demise as toys. Serious stuff for a three year old, obviously it turns out well and they don't "die" but it was tough to watch and I wonder what went through Joseph's head as he watched that. Joseph is quite an acutely emotionally tuned in kid, he shed a tear when the wife died in "UP", he said "I sad" didn't explain, but knew because of the music cues and the coloring and the husband's sadness that it was a sad part of the movie. At this point during Toy Story though, Joseph was in my lap and he just intently watched. He sat up right and intently watched every single part of the movie, not one look of boredom or incling to do something else. He has LOVED the movie CARS for so long, but he has defintely taken a shine to all the Toy Story movies, so being able to take him to this movie and watch him enjoy it, was special for me. I am glad for Paul that he didnt' go, Paul is a big softie now that he is a dad and just loves Joseph millions of sixes. Paul, I think, would have teared up at the scene where Andy's room is empty and his mom gets sad because he is going off to college, that didn't make me much sad at all, I look forward to Joseph growing up, I definitely got sad though throughout the movie though, of just Andy growing up, because Joseph does that everyday. He grows up, grows taller, smarter, cuter, every single day and a little bit of my heart breaks, but a little bit of my heart grows bigger. So it's pretty much even stevens.

So I took a long lunch today, but am staying late to get my work done. I am thankful for a job that has such flexibility, as long as the work gets done and hell, I'm not seeing a movie every week or month even on my lunch break, it should work out fair. I have so much to say about Joseph and his emotional maturity, he is still a kid but has a sense about him that is sensible, kind and caring, just something extra special he has right now and I hope he doesn't grow out of. Ever.

So I will blog later tonight, I will run, therefore I will blog.
Until then.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Electronics suck and ruined my 5 mile achievement

Stoopid Electronics. They totally hate me. Just when I thought I got my classic ipod (1st gen) working again, it stops only 1/2 mile into my run today. This is total crap. THEN upon arrival at the Price homestead post 5miles, Paul's Palm Pre decided not to register my total run length today, only my time. I added an additional mile onto the run from yesterday so I KNOW I ran over 5miles, 5.26 precisely, but exactly I am not sure. STUPID GPS, maybe an alien spacecraft was parked illegally in front of the satellite tracking my running distance. I hope that guy got a ticket.

So the entire run I had to listen to myself breathe, breathe like a weirdo and concentrate on how much drier my lips could possibly get and if I breathed any harder I would spit on innocent passers by, now that's collateral damage. Not like wearing two watches is dorky enough (one to see how long it takes and one to switch on and off my stop watch, 5 minutes for running, 1min 30 for walking, rinse and repeat). I did purchase some "iron man" pink sunglasses that are very light weight and block the sun from making me squint even more and making my evil eleven appear 10 years older than I actually am. (Evil eleven are those two vertical lines beside each eyebrow as they meet in the middle at your nose - I look evil or pissed off even when I am happy - years of concern leads to looking angry all the time. Probably keeps people away, which I don't mind, but nonetheless, I am SERIOUSLY contemplating botox and if I had an extra $450 every couple of months I would totally do it)

I digress...

So I think I am spunky keeping to running my 5 minutes and walking 1min 30, with one exception walking 4 minutes as I approach the largest hill of the run I just SIMPLY cannot do, but I make up for it by running for 6 min 30 on the next run and then pushing myself to over 5 miles. Music would really make it all much better, until I can get my ipod situation worked out I am just going to get a cheap MP3 player and fill it with crappy embarrassing songs to run to.

I also fear I have injured myself. It doesn't hurt or bother me when I am running, however, when I stop to walk, it starts to hurt, not bad, no swelling, but just sore. So I am taking Tuesday off from running, getting back at it on Wednesday, hopefully with a renewed desire to kill my 5 miles.

Every time I run, I have pushed myself for some small goal, just to see if I can push it, really get there, really work towards a 5K or even a 10K. Maybe by the end of the summer I could run a 10K - that would be cool. Dad said he used to be able to run 10K in 44 minutes, I am currently running (plus a little walking) 5 miles ( a little over) in 56 minutes I include a warm up walk and a cool down walk each of 3-4 minutes.

On a different note, the episode where Peter Griffin on Family Guy turns gay (due to an experimental shot he takes for try to pay off the debt he has incurred from racing a retarded horse that causes injury and devastation during its one and only race) is the funniest FG episode ever. Seth McFarlane, you are comic genius.

Paul has been successfully putting Joseph to bed by 9pm on the nights that I run and it has been blissful. Kudos to Paul for making this work and getting routine into Joseph, he will need it when pre-school starts this fall. Joseph still crawls into bed with us anywhere between 4am and 7am every night, but I am not going to get up at that hour and deal with putting him back to bed. He is only 3 and hell, if he wants to cuddle in the morning, then I am cool with that, he goes to sleep in his bed and spends the majority of each night in his bed and naps in his bed, I am going to allow myself this one thing with Joseph. He woke up Saturday morning putting his arm around me, gently trying to wake me, me gently trying to ignore him, knowing that Sunday was Father's Day and I would have to get up, Joseph said "Mummy, I want you to make me some oatmeal and chocolate milk, please". I said, "Daddy, go make Joseph breakfast" Joseph: "No! Mummy, you make the oatmeal and chocolate milk, you are the best oatmeal cooker." lol. the ONLY thing I can make to anyone's satisfaction. Everything else cooking FAIL.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Suitably Impressed.

I just got back from a total 4.26 mile exercise. In 2 weeks I have jumped from week 2 of the couch to 5K plan to some week down near the end, some hybrid bastardized version I have created to push myself. I run from my house to the end of Town Branch and up Meadow brook, back to our house 4.26 miles. I cannot believe that today I pushed myself to run 5 minutes and then walk 1min 30, the whole way. I am in slight disbelief that this is actually working and I feel OK after my routine! 5 minutes totally sucked, don't get me wrong and then my last one, I ran 1/2 mile straight no stopping = 5 minutes. But I did it and I didn't pass out and I am impressed.

4.26 miles in approximately 47 minutes, just got off the phone with my dad who coiffed "I ran 10K in 44minutes" Well, I'm not planning on getting there anytime soon. 5K in 1/2 hour would be great with me. Maybe even 20 minutes?!?! Baby steps....

4.26 miles is approximately 6.7 K so I think if I can get that time down I can run my 5K. I'd like to do 5 miles but I'd have to run the last leg back and forth and that is by a stinky lake, so maybe I need to look at a different route. wow. I am pleased with myself and my performance. Maybe I could shoot for this 5K run on July 3rd and NOT DIE. lol Buffalo Trace Bourbon Trail 5K here I come.

An ordinary day

Saturday Joseph and I head out to destination unknown and adventures unsure because Paul is laying hardwood flooring in the dining room and we just need to be gone out of the house.
We go to Joseph Beth Bookstore where I know local author is signing books "Daddy calls me Doodlebug" JD Lester so we go to the kids area and make art (Joseph LOVES making art and loves to call it making art because that is how Yo Gabba Gabba talks about it).
We make a crown for Daddy so he can be King on Father's Day. Lots of green shapes, a couple of stickers and some paper shapes to finish it off!
Joseph gets "Daddy calls me Doodlebug" autographed and meets the author, we talk about how authors are people who write books and he seems to understand quite well. She writes "For Joseph, who is adorable and sweet. Love JD Lester." So cool.
We walk around the kids area for about another hour as Joseph sees everything and says "COOL MOMMY LOOK AT THIS!" EVERYTHING.
We end up leaving to go upstairs to have lunch in the cafe with a clown whistle (which within 2 hours of getting home Daddy says he is going to break), a Yo Gabba Gabba play set, new music for the car (putamayo kids, I love those compilations from around the world) the crown we made Daddy and $36 less in my bank account.

We had lunch at the cafe, for the most part Joseph was behaved though he has been finding chopsticks, forks ANYTHING that resembles drumsticks and using everything as his drums. Even a waitress commented on how musical he was being. The Quiche was THE BEST I have ever had there and I always get the quiche, to say how good it was, it didn't even have mushrooms in it and I tried to buy a whole one to take home.

We leave JBs with the promise of going to Guitar Center to play on the drums, but unexpectedly we stop off at Old Navy and what a day to do so! Apparently they are launching a new look and had cotton candy, free balloons, popcorn, food and lots more to do. We had fun shopping for daddy and picked up a "there's a new sherrif in town" Woody T shirt for Joseph to wear when we go and see Toy Story 3 next week. Another $70 less in my bank account we move to Guitar Center.

This about the 10th time we have taken Joseph there and everytime it is the same experience, Joseph knows exactly where he is and all the potential music that is around him. He is in awe and wants to immediatly pick up something to start making music. We head directly to the drum set area where the sales kid is playing the electronic set and gets off to hand it to Joseph. Immediately Joseph grabs the damaged and worn (so much it seems a dog has chewed on them) drum sticks and raises them above his head and claps them together "1,2,3,4!" and starts drumming. He continues to make all kinds of rhythms and gets carried away for another 1/2 hour as I intermittently chirp in "be gentle, not so hard" before we can see a serious drummer actually wanting to sample the goods.

Joseph is pained to leave the drum area and wants to stay at the "Rock Band House" - a term he came up with on the spot, which I totally love. This infuses my love to Guitar Hero/Rock Band that Joseph has been subjected to since he was born and actual REAL MUSIC. We vow to come back and visit the Rock Band House again, very soon. I quitely make an inquiry to find out if they sell Junior Drum Sets (which I have been secretly window shopping for online) knowing that I could spend $200 - $300 and it would be a present that Joseph would totally love but Paul could divorce me for, a bet worth taking. We have a tiny house, no room for a drum set, but I know it would just thrill Joseph and nurture his love of music, he has FANTASTIC rhythm for a 3 year old so drumming is very fitting. Of course I plan to expose him to many other instruments anything he wants he can play, but he has just made an obvious tangent over to drums.

Rock Band house was the last stop before Joseph and I go to Lowes to pick up some glue for Paul on the way home, he passes out sitting up in the shopping cart, with his rock star sunglasses on, possibly the future look of a rock star after a hard night of partying.

What a fantastic day, we come home to chill in the living room so I can make a new fabric monster and he can watch wonderpets. Joseph knows the theme song to Wonderpets and it is just so cute, I love to hear him sing it. He loves songs, loves music and I hope he continues to long into adulthood.

I call Joseph a "punk" when he is pissing me off or acting bad, then I call him a "punk rock star" or my "rock star" other times (many more of those times). We are weary coming home that day, but doesn't stop my rock star from picking up his plastic toy guitar and rocking out all afternoon.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pleasantly Surprised

So today I ran approximately 5 miles in about 40 minutes. Now I run/walk at this point since I just got started a week ago but I am suitably impressed with the progress. It hurts, don't get me wrong, to push myself, but it feels good when I get home and I have recovered after saying I'm gonna die about 20 times.

For the 5 miles I ran 1:30 and walked 1:30 or less, only one break coming up a large hill after running for 1:45. This after only 4 work outs ago running 30 seconds and walking 2 minutes I thought was HEAVY! BUT I am in slight disbelief about how this "progressively" adding a few seconds/minutes each week or workout actually works.

I'd love to think that I could run almost all 5 miles without totally passing out.
I'm going to look at doing a 5K race sometime in July, maybe continue and do a few more, I would LOVE to finish 5 miles in 30 minutes, but maybe that is out of my league! High aspirations I have, young grasshopper.

Joseph is seeing me get my work out clothes on and wants to go for a run, I really wish he could, looks like he has a good set of legs on him ( he ran for about 30 seconds the other day and then some more) without, it seemed, breathing problems or really any complaints, so I hope he gets to grow up knowing exercise and wants to do activity like running or cycling, sports etc.... I'd just love that. He can play any sport he wants to as long as it's Tennis. LOL! Kinda sorta true - it's a gentlemen's sport and he is a little gentleman!

Last night Joseph did ANOTHER cool thing, it's kinda funny this, being his "THIRD" year has been so funny, he is so surprising with his language. He holds conversations, starts them and asking intriguing questions, I am so impressed. Last night he picked up my season 2 DVD of Flight of the Conchords and asked to watch "the sugar lumps, please mommy". That is SO COOL. He loves that song, he knows MOST of the words as I play it all the time and it is on Josephs TRL list EVERDAY when we are in the car. I still do also like him to listen to kid music, I don't want him totally grown up just yet, so a few more party in my tummies and big red cars are ok with me!

Maybe if I could keep up this exercising/running/5K plan, read a few more books and make a few more sock monsters or ugly maminals, whilst still achieving my summer time goals like going places and doing more fun things, taking advantage of the free things the Lexington Community offers, I'll feel good about mostly everything!

If I fill my weeks and days up with lots of activities I feel so overwhelemed sometimes and can lose track of important things at work, but sometimes it feels so fulfilling to be so busy and get so much accomplished, like I am actually taking advantage of life and trying to squeeze every moment out of it. Then sometimes I just need to do NOTHING, come home, sit on the couch and watch re-runs of Family Guy. That can give me a bout of the guilts when I think about it, but it is good to just tune out and go numb sometimes, I just don't want to waste away like that, doing nothing all the time. What is this I'm searching for? OH THAT'S RIGHT, a happy balance! Isn't that what everyone wants? Always looking for that happy balance, at least I am trying and that, for now has got to make me feel pretty good about things.

Peace out.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

My Summer to do list.

Every year I want to take advantage of the warm, sticky, long sunshine days and then stop myself short. Time is of the essence and I shall not waste none this summer of '10!
The official RLP list of Summer 2010:
  1. Go to mammoth caves
  2. Camp outside in a tent just for a night (why one night? because I think I can hold #2 for a maximum of 24-48 hours and I am NOT a bear so I do NOT shit in the woods).
  3. Kings Island & Cincy Zoo 3 day trip
  4. Louisville Zoo
  5. Raven Run hiking
  6. Gorge hiking
  7. Jazz mostly every Tuesday night
  8. More tennis (more of the kind I will win at)
  9. Most if not all Thirty Thursdays at the Legends (and a few family days thrown in - like Sat/Sun)
  10. More trips to the public pools and swimming for Joseph
  11. Canoeing on Kentucky River - just once per summer is plenty!
  12. Drive in Theatre
  13. Friday Gallery Hop
  14. More downtown community events like Woodland Arts Fair etc..
After reading this list, I realize I might be a little hard on myself, I usually accomplish a lot of the above, perhaps just not in the time frame I limit myself to in my head. It's gonna be a great summer. More drinking, more sunshine and more outdoors = good times.