Saturday, July 3, 2010

I'm a runner, I need a cuter outfit.

I was the only "exerciser" that was wearing long yoga pants to run this 5K today. I wore long legs because I had my ankles taped up to my mid calf and had a knee brace on, white tape over my very sexy pink and white legs that haven't seen the sun in what looks like a millenia... not so sexy. I saw women in running "skorts", 3/4 length yoga pants, racer back stretchy tops and t shirts from other races. I can't wait to be "that girl" wearing to the race another race t shirt I got. Before a 5K it is a great chance to people watch. I KNOW I looked like the girl who'd never run a 5K before, especially at the end when I tried to stop at the finish line and they said "NO! keep going" so I thought they meant running, so I picked up running, then they said "NO! just keep walking!" I'm a pro, watch out people. There were hundreds of people milling about, all Andrea and I talked about were our nerves. I was nervous, only about my adrenaline, I just needed to keep a lid on it. Were they going to blow a whistle? blow an air horn? When will we know to line up? The follow the masses mentality really kicks in when you have no idea what you are doing, I just followed the crowd and started when I saw people in front of me starting. Weird how that works. Also weird how my body works, I got home at almost 1am last night after seeing only one movie at the drive in, and told myself I needed 6 hours of awesome sleep. I got to sleep, set my alarm for 6:15 (knowing I could slap the snooze button a time or two more before I absolutely had to get going) but my body naturally woke up at 5:57am, way to go body, that happens every time I have something important going on in the morning, I can always rely on my body to remind me I need to be up! I was such a newbie at this running thing I stopped an organizer and asked if I needed to go to registration or pre registration (turns out pre, since I "pre" registered by mailing in my form). That was cool. Then I walked into the pre-registration area and inadvertently joined the line for the toilet. I stood there until my eye caught I group of people walking to the back and then I saw race packets. Follow the masses mentality kicked in there again! I probably would have just stood there in that line for the toilet until I got there and realized that was the wrong line and didn't need to pee, but would have faked it anyway to avoid further embarrassment, I mean what kind of idiot just stands in the line for the toilet when they need to be pre-registering?

Running around a bourbon making factory provided to be beautiful and interesting. The grounds are just beautiful, the running trail, shady, cool and gorgeous. Running around the smells of bourbon, not so great. Thank god I hadn't been drinking heavily any time recently, I would have thrown up, in fact, the smell did get to me, I thought I was going to have to dry heave after taking in a big wiff.

People of all sizes, it appears can "run" a 5K. I realize I am using quotation marks excessively in this post, so I'll try to stop being so sarcastic, but that can be very hard to do especially for me. One girl infront of me was easily over the 185lb mark, she stayed ahead of me the entire time, I kept pace behind two older women both in their 40's, if that isn't the case they need to stay out of the sun, because their orange complexion and leather like skin really made them look that way. I run today with a bunch of broad range white people. The only black person was, yup, you guessed it, finished in 14 minutes. He looked like he was foreign, like ethopian foreign. One of the runners around my area was this guy that looked like a total try hard. He was ill prepared with wavy long exercise pants (probably starter shit from wal mart) he was wearing a cap backwards with the letter "D" on it, GUESS WHAT THAT STANDS FOR :) and would run, like flat out for 10 seconds, then stop panting and sweating, I'd pass him, and he'd do it again. NOT a runner, needs to get a good pace going. I give him props for trying, not everyone wants or has idea what they are getting themselves into with a 5K, so he tried and made it but he also looked pretty dumb. Look at me all high and mighty after my first run, judging everyone around me, not to worry though I have a fairly good perception of how I look when I run. I look like I'm going to start crying and it hurts all over, an added bonus is the fact that I can see my thigh fat jiggling or "waving" in the wind on my shadow, with every stride I take. Again I highlight frustration at not losing weight and working so hard. That's it, I'll just give up eating, I've already (to much distress) my drinking, that Litre of malabu rum has stayed suspiciously full, I should start "sleep drinking" that would be hilarious!

Time to reward myself and today's achievement with a nice rum and pineapple juice, sun and water. Oh yeah.

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