Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Joseph coolness

Joseph is at home sick today, though not acting very sick, he was certainly the poster child last night! Functioning on little sleep I am working from home this morning, tag teaming with Paul who will meet me at the doctors at lunch to look after him this afternoon while I head into work. Snotty runny nose, coughing, fever, up all night crying.. ugh and we don't have a spare bed so I can get some room taking care of him. I still hate Paul for griping about the futon as much as he did so I was guilted into giving it away, after a year or so of him whining I caved. Oh how I miss that futon. I would have gotten some sleep last night if I had it, hence the mild hatred for the husband.
I wouldn't usually take Joseph to the doctor like this, but I called his daycare today and they have a confirmed case of the flu and several cases of strep throat, all either in his room, or a room he joins with when he is at daycare. Err on the side of caution. He's been sick with a fever before and like this but we just treat it at home, I really feel there are too much antibiotics and medicines out there and people are slowing vaccinating themselves against themselves.... I am legend.. that's a movie based on the not too distant future...scary.
Joseph is bent on getting a crick in his neck, watching sesame street from the floor. He's sick so he can pretty much get away with anything including watching too much TV.

I really love my....

Taken from where celebrities are assumed to really love something because they wear it more than once, here are some things that I can't afford NOT to use on a regular basis.
I really love the Tom Tom I bought for Paul for Christmas last year (or the year before I forget now), it is SO damn handy! I never thought I'd need it in Lexington (everything is just one big circle) but it has proved itself to be very reliable and needed on several occasions, I would NEVER travel outside lexington without the Tom Tom. John Cleese is our voice for directions and it makes the drive that much better. "Where the bloody hell are you going?" "Turn around now..".... I think the Tom Tom is the best present I bought for you, baby....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

What I learned in skool.

Never go to the $1 aisle at Target. More so, never go to the TOILETRIES $1 aisle at Target. You can actually waste anywhere from at least 30 minutes up to an hour and a half, JUST IN THE ONE DOLLAR aisle. This CAN HAPPEN. It has happened to me and IT CAN HAPPEN TO YOU! Today, I walked into the $1 toiletries aisle and 25 minutes later I walked out with a cute colored box of Kleenex, 2 packs of baby wipes, one pack of hand and face towelettes, one miniature bottle of shampoo and a baby tube of spongebob toothpaste. Why you ask? I don't know, you'll have to ask the $1 aisle, it does strange things to me.
On this occasion I walked away seemingly unscathed, but I have, walked away with no lunch money until the next pay check, even though that miniature bottle of shampoo looked awesome, it doesn't feed me. But somehow it is still satisfying.

Things I like....

I like being able to park front ways into a parking space, return to my car to find that the car previously parked in front of mine has moved and I can conveniently put my car shift into drive and drive right out of my parking space ... front first. Love it.

Monday, August 10, 2009

I got poo on my thumb.

There's a lot to be said for being a parent. "It's the most beautiful thing in the world.." "Seeing your child smile is the best feeling..ever.." blah blah, agreed. Then you get poo on your thumb. At least it wasn't IN and UNDER my thumbnail, no, no heavens no, because I haven't been THERE before. sarcasm This time, just on my thumb. Joseph is potty trained but this still allows for the occasional conversation..

"Do you need to go poop?" "No." "You look like you need to go poop." "Nope." "Well why are you hiding under the table?" "No Mommy!" (Hiding under the table might as well have been the batman signal in the sky.

"Alright, let's go to the potty.." Big boy pants are down, and then... it rolled right onto my thumb and into the toilet.

GROSS. But that thought didn't even cross my mind, we got it in the toilet like big boys and I just reached over to the sink and washed it off with soap.

I've been peed on, vomited on, pooped on and farted on, in some cases, all in one day.

I love being someone's parent, makes me feel all mushy just realizing that someone is as gross as me and he's mine.