Friday, April 1, 2011

My little Mini Egg Poem

This is part of a larger "Ode to Cadbury Mini Eggs" post that I will complete via my post in April, but since I am eyeballs deep in Cadbury Mini Egg season, I can't let it escape ANYONE how much I love mini eggs.

So I wrote a poem about them.  Dr. Seuss style.  Ahem.

From there to here,
from here to there,
I like mini eggs everywhere.
I like mini eggs in a car,
I like mini eggs with a martini in a bar.
I like mini eggs at night,
Won’t you think mini eggs are alright?

Cadbury mini eggs are so fine
I will eat them all the time.
Mini eggs are always gone too soon.
Even a lorax, would consume.

Sam I am likes green eggs and ham,
The Cat in the Hat is a fan.
One fish, two fish,
mini eggs and blue fish.
A foob a gellar, a jiboo, a huffle,
all love mini eggs, in a kerfuffle.

10 mini eggs up on top,
10 mini eggs on top of Pop.
10 mini eggs in a tree,
10 mini eggs inside of me (in my tummy with 100 other mini eggs).
10 mini eggs, don't you see,
10 mini eggs aren't enough for me!

Oh the places you'll go,
to get these chocolately delights,
I'd wander this earth,
from morning 'till night.

Don't you like mini eggs,
don't you like them at all?
If you don't, then your name is Paul.
Eat them all, them all, I shall
I painted a face on a mini egg and it was my pal.  (until I ate him)

Cadbury Mini Eggs,
How I do love thee, let me count the ways...
Mini eggs, Mini eggs, oh do, please STAY!
All year round, don't go away
you're only here once a year,
even Santa sheds a tear.
You're better than Christmas,
better than fall
You make Easter
a time for all.
Forget Thanksgiving, forget them all
I just want mini eggs, mini eggs, mini eggs DAMMIT!

Why won't retailers understand?
Why don't we mini eggs lovers take a stand?
We demand them January through,
If you're a mini egg lover, join the crew!

I eat mini eggs by the cup,
I'd eat mini eggs beside a putz.
I eat mini eggs by the fistful,
I'd eat mini eggs in a thistle.
I eat mini eggs by the bag,
I'd eat mini eggs with a colostomy bag.
I eat mini eggs by the truck,
I'd eat mini eggs while I duck, under a short, bridge.

Mini eggs while walking,
mini eggs while stopping,
mini eggs while driving,
mini eggs while texting,
mini eggs, mini eggs, all while expecting.

Mini eggs on the carpet,
mini eggs behind the couch,
mini eggs under the car seat,
All are mini eggs, I'd still eat, no doubt!

Mini eggs are a wonderous thing,
I’d wear mini eggs (and then eat them) as rapper bling.
Mini eggs are so simple...
it’s easier to enjoy than popping a pimple.
I love mini eggs, night and day,
I love mini eggs more than anything, I’d say.

Mini eggs, I won’t share.
Get your own mini eggs, I declare!
Mini eggs, mini eggs all day long,
mini eggs, mini eggs, I’d write a song.
I meant what I said,
I said what I meant
I love mini eggs,
Two thousand percent.



  1. This is the abbreviated version? hehehehehee.

  2. Oh... and second thing... when did you find time to come up with THIS? Amazing. :) This is what you were doing at 2 a.m. on Wednesday/Thursday, wasn't it? :)

  3. I promise that the entire post on OCRO is only a tidbit of the poem and more writing.. lol. I saved my insanity for my personal blog. :)

  4. How funny! And your packaging in America is different to the UK! x