Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Running while pregnant....Schlepping while pregnant.

"Don't poop the baby out." My loving husband's words of wisdom/support for me as I embarked on breaking my 3 month hiatus and began my first trek into running while pregnant.  Just a few days shy of being 23? 24? weeks or 5 months, how do you say...  it sucked.

3.3 miles total, I think I ran continuously for about a maximum of 1.2 miles during all of that and it was a mix of mostly running, but also walking.  I was NOT about to run up my big hill that's on my trail and I knew that now, of all times, is not the time to get self competitive and push myself.  I actually did the right thing ( how mature of me?!?!) and took it easy.  It was awful though, I am still beating myself up mentally, but I really had zero expectations (only silent deep expectations that I would miraculously get back out there like I hadn't taken any time off and I wasn't carrying an extra 15 pounds of weight - plus whatever I've gained with the baby - and I would rock it out and complete my usual 4.25 miles at a pace of under 10 minutes).  No.  Hell no.  3.3 miles and it took me 50 minutes total.  How painful.  I have a great excuse and I am O.K. with that.

I wouldn't actually call it running, but since my runkeeper doesn't have an activity titled "Walking with a spring in your step" or "running/falling over simultaneously and continuously" I would classify it as "schlepping" but since NONE of those descriptions are in runkeeper, I went with running.  My only congratulations from my application was "yay, you've beat last weeks distance AND time!"  What a GENIUS my app is, I haven't run in three months and that's all it can think to give me as positive reinforcement to keep me going.  Lame sauce.

And as a side note to describe running while this far pregnant, I had expected it to be a lot like running with a block of those 1 pound cheese (like Monterey Jack or Colby Jack) in my lower abdomen and have it shook about as I felt it "ping" much like the game "Pong" off my vital organs just like a pinball machine.  No, it was surprisingly comfortable.  I followed the first cardinal rule of running, especially while pregnant, to empty my bladder before I begun my trip, only 2 miles in to feel like if I didn't chase down a random porcelain statue immediately I was going to break my bladder right there on my trail.  I figured the quickest way to get to a toilet was to run home, so that's when my minute per mile pace improved and I ran the most and the fastest.  It's amazing how motivation (in whatever form it comes in) really works.

Here's a photo of me and Baby Version 2.0 after our first (and hopefully, really) not last running expedition.  AND, you're also looking at three sports bras.  Those babies weren't goin' nowhere!


  1. Awww... love it! So happy you got to run! And FANTASTIC job! Way to pace yourself and be "mature" as you put it. :)

    Oh... and Bailey says, "Her baby is getting bigger." That's her way of saying you look super cute!

  2. Ha Ha, thanks! I feel sore, but good sore. Just cross your fingers that I keep on going. You better go on and Bailey's rate locked down for babysitting - 1 pack of skittles per hour right? :)

  3. Love the pic...and the baby belly...and how you put a pic on your are coming along nicely :)